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Alright gamer mcgamersons, here is my #worthlessgamereview , let’s start with wolfenstein. A game I wasn’t even that jazzed to play. Shit was mental!!!!! 9.5 on the worthlessgamereview scale ! Throw back nostalgic doom style story with next gen graphics. I literally could not get enough of the hilarious gory nazi blasting. And now to #WATCHDOGS (Sighhh) oh watchdogs I was so excited about this open world hack fest that ended up being a repetitive let down. I mean not totally, it looked good , shot well, and drove well but fuuuucking hell hacking shit with your cell phone gets old. And putting 5 styles of side quests that you have to play 20 times each doesn’t add wieght to a game , 7.5 on the #worthlessgamereview

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